Quality management

With the very clear aim of monitoring and ensuring our own quality standards and also those of our customers, here at WIAG Antriebstechnik we have a competent team that is constantly being updated so as to be in tune with applicable guidelines. Team members also regularly undergo training in this field. State-of-the-art measuring technology and cutting-edge equipment are the prerequisites needed for the fulfilment of our customers' high quality standards.

Our company is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

The quality management system employed by WIAG Antriebstechnik guarantees consistently high levels regarding the quality and precision of all the manufactured components and assembly units. Comprehensive checks, meticulous testing and constant measuring are factors which together form the bedrock of WIAG Antriebstechnik's quality philosophy. And error prevention as a result of constant improvement always remains our top priority.

We have ultra-modern machinery and cutting-edge measuring technology at our fingertips so that we are always well-armed to ensure supreme quality.

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Our quality monitoring is basically divided up into preventive measures and inspections during production and then a final outgoing goods inspection. Quality management is responsible for checks on incoming goods, for the organising of supplier audits, the drafting of initial sample test reports for new parts and sample parts and also for complaint management. The monitoring of inspection equipment is carried out internally and externally.

Bespoke test specifications are implemented following consultation and then included in our quality assurance system. Continual updating and upgrading of our quality processes by way of external and internal audits guarantee constant first-class quality - today and at all times in the future.