Our philosophy

We at WIAG Antriebstechnik, our medium-sized, owner-run, family business based in Lippstadt/Germany, have impressed customers throughout Europe for more than 40 years because of our experience, our competence and our reliability.

Our service spectrum ranges from the manufacturing of high-precision gearing components such as pulleys and sprockets, through ground gears and module gears right up to the production of turning and milling parts. The designing and mounting of complete systems and assembly units and also the trading of timing belts are services which round off our extensive range of products.

Our Customers

It is our great wish not only to keep our customers satisfied but also to impress them. And we constantly endeavour to achieve this aim with the help of our sales network and its customer proximity, with our service-oriented mindset and, of course, through the high-octane quality of our products and services. Consequently, we are permanently engaged in seeking solutions so as to be able to support our customers even more effectively. New ideas are approached optimistically, dynamically and pragmatically - always with the one and the same aim in mind: to make a lasting impression on every single customer of WIAG Antriebstechnik.

Our Team / Each individual member of staff

A truly entrepreneurial business approach means a future-focused approach.
Traits such as expertise, responsibility and enthusiasm on the part of employees are all prerequisites for a successful company. Every single member of our staff, irrespective of his or her task and position in the hierarchy, strives to support the aims of the company in the best possible way. For that reason we attach great importance to a working climate shaped by mutual respect and appreciation.

Demanding good performance and promoting such performance, too, both belong to our corporate culture as does behaving in a responsible, fair and respectful way in our daily dealings with one another.
We welcome the thirst for knowledge shown by our employees, their sense of individual responsibility and their self-reliance. And so, by means of support and further training, we wish to grant them as much freedom and space as possible to develop these talents.

The tolerance and openness exhibited by our staff amongst one another enables us as a company to improve constantly. If ever an employee discovers a mistake made in one of his or her projects and immediately begins to correct the problem actively and openly, such conduct in our company is valued and viewed as strength of character.

Occupational safety and health protection

The management system meets the requirements as stipulated by DIN EN ISO 9001.

Apart from the Management, every other executive or head of department carries responsibility for occupational safety and health protection within his or her area of responsibility, as stated in the valid organisational chart.

We inform and train our employees in order to promote their sense of responsibility towards health and safety in the workplace. We also impress upon them the importance of observing all relevant regulations. Instruction is regularly given in matters of industrial safety and health protection at work.

We furnish and equip our premises and workstations in such a way that our members of staff can operate under the best possible working conditions. We do this to the best of our abilities so that any hardship or strain is kept to a minimum.

We want our employees to feel safe in their working environment and therefore we encourage them to report any dangerous conditions or incidents. It is the duty of every single person to pay close attention to the safety of colleagues and then to react without delay if potentially dangerous conduct is noticed. An effective course of action should be internalised as quickly as possible to deal with such situations.

Any accidents are evaluated by our Safety Officers and, where necessary, corrective measures are implemented. Together with the concept of Quality Assurance, the constant improvement of occupational safety and health protection in the workplace makes up another aim firmly entrenched in our guiding principles.

We are totally committed to observing all legislation and regulations pertaining to such safety, thus always aiming high to achieve a constant optimisation of industrial safety and health protection in our company.

Environmental policy

Not only do we always strive to upgrade our products and ramp up our performance levels but we also endeavour to operate as responsibly as possible to ensure that our natural environment is treated with the utmost care.

And it is not only those who are particularly responsible for corporate environmental protection who are involved. Every single one of us in the company is obligated to help to safeguard our planet.
We inform and train all our employees in order to promote their sense of responsibility towards environmental protection. We also impress upon them the importance of observing all relevant regulations.

All necessary measures are taken in order to avoid or remove all kinds of environmental pollution. If this cannot be accomplished by means of such steps, environmentally unfriendly emissions and the generation of waste are reduced to an absolute minimum while natural resources are preserved as far as possible.

Procedures designed to check compliance with environmental policy are fixed and then duly followed. Whenever such procedures require measurements and trials, then all relevant results are recorded and updated as necessary.

We also bear ecological protection and resource utilisation very much in mind when it comes to our logistics processes, which we are continually optimising in collaboration with customers and suppliers.

Thanks to the extensive photovoltaic installations on the rooftops of the WIAG buildings, our company makes use of environmentally friendly technologies for the generation of energy. Our corporate lighting has also experienced resource optimisation and has been converted to an LED system.

We are totally committed to observing all ecologically relevant legislation and regulations, thus always aiming high to achieve a constant optimisation of environmental protection in our company.

The competent WIAG team is always ready with intelligent solutions, either integrated or individual ones.

We are permanently aspiring to create technological innovations and to devise excellent solutions, which are economically viable. This human drive has empowered us to become one of the leading manufacturers of gearing technology in Germany with the result that we now also supply clients worldwide.

And the most vital factors in our corporate equation, which guarantee long-term value growth and sustainable success, are the recognition and satisfaction of our customers and also the loyalty we have towards our staff - in other words, the human factors.