When operated in conjunction with a chain, sprockets serve the purpose of transmitting power, movement and torque. This kind of drive technology enables a relatively high degree of force to be transmitted within very small wrap angles on the small sprocket and with very short centre distances.
During the last few years WIAG Antriebstechnik has turned into a veritable specialist when it comes to the manufacturing of specially designed sprockets. Now specialised and bespoke sprockets, designed for a huge number of sophisticated drives and applications, are being produced in line with customer requirements at our locations in Lippstadt, Germany and in Romania and Asia. Consequently series production of sprockets such as single, duplex and triplex ones, with broached hexagon socket, ground bearing seats and thermal bzw. chemical surfaces is in full swing.

Special sprockets

Sprockets for single, double or treble chain drives manufactured according to drawings are economically and efficiently produced on semi and fully automatic tooling machines on our premises. Our modern machinery enables us to produce sprockets with bores or diameters ranging from 10 mm up to 500 mm.

Standard sprockets

Standard sprockets are not so demanding as regards their model type so they require less effort and expertise during manufacturing. Nevertheless, new challenges are presenting themselves with their designs as great quantities of varying teeth amounts have to be handled. Moreover, exceptionally large batch sizes are currently being processed. So as to be competitive in this area, too, we are now relying on global manufacturing and procurement of such sprockets.

The materials

The WIAG-Antriebstechnik company works with all kinds of materials that are available on the market.
These cover steel, cast materials and aluminium materials in various alloy compositions. We also handle stainless materials in types such as 1.4305, 1.4301 and many more. It goes without saying that we can also deal with global acquisition of required forgings and castings. Our company boasts an extensive raw material warehouse, which stores the most important materials, thus ensuring that our production can run unhindered for several weeks. Regular, daily deliveries of raw materials guarantee the smooth running of our manufacturing processes.