At WIAG Antriebstechnik, the manufacturing process known as "turning" is divided up into manual and fully automatic CNC turning. The decisive criteria for such classification are, first and foremost, the quantities to be manufactured but also the volume of parts to be machine cut.

We provide cutting-edge CNC turning technology for the series production of highly complex turned components. Our machinery includes fully automatic CNC lathes and also turning and milling centres with equipment of both horizontal and vertical design. Complete manufacturing of demanding geometries by driven tools and multi-axis machining is standard procedure here with us. First-class surface qualities and precision fits are guaranteed thanks to the skill of our highly qualified staff. Large tool magazines in all the machines enable swift conversions to be carried out in order to suit familiar parts already produced. The result is that we can react in a flexible way to customer requests and changes to production control. Options are available for outfitting the machines either automatically using feeder conveyor systems or indeed manually.

The expense of programming a CNC machine for simple lathed parts as individual pieces, which are in addition not regularly produced, is not commercially viable. In such cases the manually operated lathes come into their own. Our very well-trained specialists use these to skilfully and easefully manufacture one-off parts in perfect accordance with customer-specific drawings. The exceptional quality of our drive elements demands that all turned parts exhibit supreme levels of precision. For that reason we constantly invest in new machinery produced by reputable manufacturers. As examples, we use machines made by Okuma, DMG and EMAG for our turning work.

We can provide CNC turning technology in the following dimensions:

  • maximum outer diameter of 600 mm
  • maximum length of 1,250 mm
  • maximum piece weight of 80 KG