Founding of the company WIAG Antriebstechnik GmbH by Werner Hüsten and Gerhard Kemerink in Lohe, Lippstadt/Germany.

Move to Benninghausen, near Lippstadt/Germany. The thriving order situation quickly makes the company location in Lohe far too small. A new shop floor is built enabling the production area to be extended by 400m².

The company steadily grows:
the aerial view shows the administration block, the materials yard and the production hall.

WIAG proves its worth with certified quality
DIN EN ISO 9001.
Werner Hüsten, on the left in the picture, proudly presents the certificate.

Michael Hüsten, Werner Hüsten's son, joins the company.

A new startup with the WIAMEC company in Mexico. Setting up of production in Mexico.


The TIMMER firm is integrated into the company group. Establishing of a production facility in Romania, S.C. AGO mechanic s.r.l.


Nicole Hüsten, Werner Hüsten's daughter, joins the company.


The firm of Krebs & Kessel is integrated into the company group.


The arrival of Udo Hüsten in the company, Werner Hüsten's son, completes the family business.

Today the WIAG production areas cover more than 10,000m² and an end to the expansion is nowhere to be seen on the horizon.