Gear grinding

Our most modern production techniques of CNC tooth flank gear grinding, of both hardened and unhardened gears, is performed on automated gear grinding machinery such as the Liebherr LCS 500 and the Kapp KX 300.

We distinguish between profile grinding and generating grinding.

With profile grinding every tooth space is produced individually - which means this is a partial operation.

The process of generating grinding involves the grinding of the gear's flanks with a worm grinding wheel. In comparison to profile grinding, this procedure is significantly faster and consequently more cost-effective.

But with both methods, the grinding tools can be topologically dressed. The result is that the negative contour of the required shape is profiled onto the grinding wheel.

We turn customer-specific instructions for an involute tooth profile and a certain flank line into high-precision, ground tooth flanks ensuring optimal running properties.
We grind spur gears up to a diameter of 500 mm and to class 4 tooth quality. The module range is from 1 to 12.