Surface treatment

WIAG Antriebstechnik GmbH offers the full spectrum of surface treatments suitable for finished drive technology parts. This service includes the finishing and enhancing of highly stressable functional surfaces for materials and also the handling of complex technical components in a wide variety of substances.
The processes available from our suppliers today allow virtually all the basic metallic materials and also plastics to have their properties optimised by means of functional surface coating. It makes no difference whether such substances are especially hard, slippery, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, dust and dirt-repellent, noise-reducing, heat and cold-resistant, dimensionally accurate and stable or also chemically stable.
We finish and burnish products on our own premises, quantities ranging from single pieces up to large-scale series production.

As regards other processes, we work closely with highly efficient companies in our area, partners who are able to provide coatings for even large production batches in every kind of variation. They do this at short notice and in an extremely flexible way. In the case of steel and cast parts, zinc galvanising in all its different variations and also phosphating are coatings that are much used and that provide tried-and-tested surface protection.

Chemical nickel plating or chrome plating can usually be found with steel components used in highly stressed applications. Aluminium parts are frequently anodised or hard-coated. For certain particular applications these processes are also combined with special sliding coatings. Here, too, all the usual coatings found on the market are available from us.

Stainless steel components are often pickled, passivated or subjected to electropolishing, depending on their intended area of application.